New Life & Fatherhood

As I looked down into her brown eyes for the very first time, I was speechless. Literally, speechless. No smart remarks that I would one day tell her I said when I first met her face to face. No witty words of wisdom as I had my own Mufasa-Simba moment (the real ones know 😆). Just silence, as I stared down at the product of Gods grace through my marriage to my wife. As our firstborn lay there in front of me, I just stared her in the eyes and marvelled.

It was a precious moment. As she looked back up at me, her eyes did all the talking.

“I need you”.

This wasn’t something new to me at all. They were the same words that echoed from my own eyes when I was a child. But the difference here was that I vowed to be there. Not just now, at her birth. Not just for the first 3 years of her life. But to the very end and beyond. Never will I leave her searching for her father. Never will I hand her the baggage that comes from growing up fatherless.

I saw her need for me; her father. And it reminded me of our need for Him; our Father and Creator. In a world full of brokenness, corruption, evil and more, now more than ever before is our need for our Father-Creator most prevalent. Without Him, what do we do with the reality of eternity? If life on Earth is as good as it gets, then what hope do we have ahead?

Regardless of where we fall on the spectrum of belief, we all come from somewhere that’s bigger than ourselves. So the question isn’t, “is there a God/Creator”. Instead, it’s “will I acknowledge my need for the Father-Creator, God?”

As I looked down at my daughter in those precious first moments, I had promises stored up in my heart. Promises to protect her, support her and give her hope for the days ahead. Promises to love her, nurture her and help her grow in truth.

As He looks down on us in our day-to-day lives, our Father-Creator has promises too. The biggest of these is the promise of eternal life. The promise of life after death, free from evil, pain and brokenness. The promise of new heavens and a new earth where we live in eternal harmony.

How will you respond to God? Have you truly seen your need for Him and let go of the old for the new? Do you confidently have the hope of eternity secured? In this very moment, God is looking down on you with hope. So respond to His love and His promises right now as you pour out in prayer to your Father.

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